BCM325 Tweeting Highlights

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The first 5 weeks of BCM325- Future Cultures, has entailed a weekly series of live-tweeting on films that are relevant to the future. Showcased through each film was a dystopian/ science fictional theme. The weekly live tweeting consisted of 10 tweets, as well as commenting and liking my cohorts tweets- ones that were relevant to the films and weekly topics. The films were different from what I would normally watch but broadened my thinking of films and how the future is perceived. 

The following blog will illustrate highlights of my weekly tweets, and demonstrate my participation in the weekly content. 

Week 1 entailed watching the 1927 silent film – Metropolis. My method of twitting for the first week was to use a ‘thread’, so my tweets would be neat, and easily accessible. However, to do this I had to delete and repost my tweets, allowing any of the likes I…

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