Curation of tweets & interactions – Part 1


Live tweeting in class isn’t something I’ve come across in any subject before, so to me, it sounded like a bit of a daunting task. It’s said that it’s “designed to demonstrate your ability to engage in research, critically evaluate a text and engage in productive and convivial discussion in real-time.” After having live tweeted over the past 5 weeks, I found that it was a hard process. However, once class transitioned to being delivered online and we were instructed to stream the movie at our own pace, it became a bit easier, maybe because there’s less distractions around me.

I’m not a movie person, so chances are that I’ve seen the movies that we’re planned to watch, is very unlikely. So at first, I would prepare some background research on the movie being watched and formulate some tweets, readying myself to post them during the viewing. The tweets I…

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