Live-tweeting: Getting used to it! #BCM325 Future Cultures

Mai Dang

This blog post will be a critical reflection of my live-tweeting experience in BCM325 – Future Cultures. For 4 weeks, our class engaged in live-tweeting sessions of 5 movie screenings including Metropolis (1927), 2001: A Space Odyssey, West World (1978), Blade Runner (1982), and Minority Report (2002), in which we discuss aspects of the film relating to studies of the future.

  1. Getting used to the fast-pace of live-tweeting 

I, for need of a better term, am lacking at multitasking. Because of this, I knew going into the task of reporting, analyzing and engaging with others all while watching a movie is going to be difficult for me without preparation. That is why I made sure to do my research on the movie and engage with the week’s lecture content to pre-curate 3 – 4 tweets per screening. Such technique is done by my classmates as well, with a lot of…

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