Live Tweeting: Multitasking at its finest


Live tweeting is multitasking at its finest. Without preparing beforehand, its only a thousand times harder. I found this out the hard way during week 1, as we watched Metropolis, a silent film. Keeping track of the film, researching, creating tweets and interacting on twitter is hard to do when you need to be watching the screen to keep up. This experience prompted me to change my approach when preparing.


  1. Watch subject lecture and note down main points
  2. Research movie plot and background information/reviews/fun facts/quality news/popular media/other sources
  3. Create some tweets and schedule using Tweetdeck
  4. Collect images to create gifs and wait for scene to be live before posting

Engagement on Twitter: What works, what doesn’t

I always enjoy creating GIFs for tweets, as I think they offer a better aesthetic and attract attention within a newsfeed of many peers using the BCM325 hashtag. However, in the examples below…

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