Live-tweeting so far

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Each week of Uni, I have been live tweeting a different movie with my classmates. This began by physically going to UOW for my tutorial, and live tweeting all in one room together while watching the movie on a big screen in front of us. Amid the spread of Covid-19, this turned into watching the set movie at a set time each week, live-tweeting together in the confines of our own homes.

Within this post, I will be reflecting on some of these interactions with others and how they helped to broaden my knowledge and analysis of the movies viewed.

Some Interactions:

The first lot of tweets I am going to focus on specifically, are conversations with others and contributions I have made on other posts.

In week 1 we watched and live-tweeted Metropolis. I had never seen or heard of this movie before, so I am very glad that…

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