Live Tweeting- The Reflection

Memoirs of An Idiot

To be honest, I was quite worried about the prospect of live-tweeting before I started this semester in BCM 325, with a seemingly daunting 10 tweets a film, along with continued interactions and engagement with the thoughts of my peers. But now 6 weeks deep, I have to enjoy the variety of learning opportunities that live tweeting provides, so lets do a deep dive, and see how far I’ve come so far.


Before I get into discuss my tweets on the films, I would like to talk about how I prepared for the weekly live-tweeting exercise. Every week, I try to write a half page of notes about each film that we are watching in class (mostly off of Wikipedia pages) about various subjects including genre, release, legacy, themes etc. However, I have noticed this my particular style of preparation doesn’t really lead to good tweets, and I produce…

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