My Live Tweeting Experience

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Live tweeting for the past few weeks has allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and immerse myself in what BCM325 is all about. This is how it all unfolded:

Week 2: The Space Odyssey

As I missed the week 1 tutorial, my live tweeting begins with The Space Odyssey. It was a rather interesting experience, as I have never viewed a movie like that one.

The film started with a long intro of monkeys, and my first tweet consisted of the first thing that came to mind:

1st Tweet

During the screening, I liked and retweeted a number of tweets which I thought made great points and included the lecture material. Below are some of the tweets I re-tweeted as well as posted myself.

Screenshot (82)Screenshot (83)

I feel that in week 2 I didn’t focus on the lecture material enough. I used popular media and quality news to share interesting information…

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