It was the best of tweets;it was the worst of tweets


Unlike President Trump, who callously posts whatever thought comes to mind, I find there is a great deal to be learned about my online presence through some healthy self-reflection.

Overall, I feel positive about how my live- tweeting has progressed and improved each week so far. I think that while I didn’t often post pre-generated tweets, I did post topical, related content through a frame I felt comfortable commenting on. I think this authenticity helped to generate audience engagement amongst my peers and it was tweets that demonstrated novel facts or insights that had the highest interaction. A few examples can be seen below.

Week 1- Metropolis

As I should have expected, week one was (without a doubt) my worst week for live-tweeting. Not only was there very limited engagement with other people’s tweets, but my own provided no context to those not viewing Metropolis as to…

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