You BETA be ready.


After a couple weeks since the project pitch project, it’s quite exciting to announce that by the BETA stage of this project I have managed to upload 2 different videos that will make up my 3-part series called ‘Predictions or Reality’.

This series is a Digital Essay which will focus on the current situation of how social media platforms and organisations are utilizing contemporary tools, and importantly, what the future of social media looks like, and how far we have already predicted and witnessed such trends as digital natives.

Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 2.25.24 pm

BETA Video:

So by this stage, I have now uploaded my ‘Introduction’ video to my whole series, which became a new aspect of this DA in terms of iteration. I decided to take on the feedback of several students as you can view in my BETA and expand my DA audience to any media user or professional and create this introduction…

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