Bigger and Beta


Professor Eleonora Barbieri Masini asserts that “ambitions of a desirable future are embedded in the social structure from which they emerge”. A statement which is inherently true of my work for the UOW Digital Media Society. Here, our desires emerge from a need to sustain ourselves as a club, so that we may continue serving the needs of all BCM students. Thus, our desirable future of longevity stems from the social structure of the university club system from which we emerged.

I am currently undertaking a digital artefact which is a pastiche of micro tasks that combine to serve the short-term goals of the Digital Media Society. Our short-term goals have rapidly shifted due to COVID-19, so we are focusing on recruiting new executives to secure our short term future; because without this process, the society’s longevity is not possible.Moreover, after considering the feedback on my Pitch, the comments…

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