Cybernetic Church

My Beta and a little comparison between church theory and Cybernetics

When you feel like it

In my video, I draw the connection between cybernetics and a church theory called The shock absorber. This is that theory. PastedGraphic-1.png

This shock absorber diagram is read from the bottom up. The environmental change here is called Cultural Change.

A Cultural Change hits society. The shock absorber absorbs the shock of this change by asking questions: What is the change? Why did it happen? What does the bible say about that? What is the strategy and practice (the response)? This leads to an equilibrium with young people, culture and the church. The youth respond first and that bleeds into the rest of the church and we get a second church-wide equilibrium.

This is an interesting take on environmental change in the church with a cybernetic perspective. As I say in the video, church is a system that uses feedback from young people interacting with culture to change our strategy and…

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