Da beta – it’s a podcast and more!

Synthetic Boy

Oh geez, oh golly, oh boy.

Let’s get into this. As mentioned in the video I have a LOT of content I need to lay out here for y’all so… I’m going to break these down into sections, with the rest of the formatting and structure becoming apparent as I go. Good? Good. Let’s go.

part 1 – Film Daze

I’m lucky enough to be able to write for Film Daze, here’s a link to my entire log of articles. Now as you might be able to garner from this, my primary role at Film Daze is to write reviews/features on animation, I love animation, and I would LOVE for it to be regarded with the same esteem as live-action.

In addition to this, as a known home of sexual, I am also focusing more on writing about queerness in cinema (more on this soon), however, this slots nicely into…

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