DA Beta: Talking about the present to think about the future

Upside Down

I decided to change my original idea of UOW Creative and use a Quarantine Diaries series I’m posting on myproject as my DA. I believe talking about this present moment is also a way to think about what we want for our future.

There are already 6 posts up of this series (including 2 IGTV videos, 1 blog text link and a series of 3 self-portraits) and I’m constantly adapting the content as to what I see gets more engagement. For the next weeks my plan is:

  • Week 9: 3 Stories of international students living in Australia (Already have the interviews and pictures)
  • Week 10: Finish the series about Bolivia (that was actually planned before the pandemic but doesn’t have to do with this assessment)
  • Week 11: 3 personal stories from myself (my mum as a health worker, my relationship to my home and my relationship to Wollongong)
  • Week…

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