DA Update; BETA Pitch

Generally unimpressed.

As explained in my beta video (below) my DA is now going to be comprised of three videos uploaded on youtube.

  • Video one: Explored smart cities and the social credit system in China. This video is available here 
  • Video Two: At the moment video two is still in the production stages with the final touches being added to the script. So far, this video will address the surveillance measures that are occurring due to coronavirus (such as the COVIDSafe app) and smart/predictive policing.
  • Video Three: Will bring together the research in video one and video two to ideate a number of futures. Here I will act as a sort of futurist in using futures thinking to predict a possible, preferred and potential future using the futures thinking approach.

Watch my BETA below:

Research and engagement with lectures:

Throughout the research phase I collected massive amounts of research from a…

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