Online Teaching & Discord – An Update

Harrison East

If you haven’t read my initial Blog Post that pitches my project idea, please do so by clicking here (link). This blog post is to further contextualise the below Update Video on my ongoing project of managing an educational Discord Server (link).

Engagement with Subject Content

In reference to the lecture we received in Week 8 labelled “Cyberculture: Cyborgs”, we are reminded of a quote by Marshall McLuhan that explains how humans are already existing cyborgs. This is explained by the notion that ‘technology is an extension of human physical, social, psychological and intellectual functions’.

ExtensionRelating this to my project of the educational Discord Server, I believe it is fair to say that Discord as a digital tool is an extension of various human processes. While it is mainly an extension of social interaction just like any other forms of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit), I would now also…

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