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Groundhog Grant

Welcome back (to my channel),

An update from the Pitch and I have changed ideas! Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, a few of us have been a bit anxious about the shutdown of gyms, and movement to online classes. However, even before the shutdown, gyms were already being influenced by technology. The franchise of F45 was a huge hit globally (myself included) in its revolutionary delivery format. The gyms were adopting state-of-the-art plasma displays that play exercise demos, control the timing of each exercise, and show the heart-rate monitor data of members with F45-specific wearables (IT Brief 2019).

However, for many group training fans, it is known to be hard to fit these classes into a casual or part-time work schedule. So when things went online I was interested to see how the communications would change. Justin Ashley, an American PT who founded Fitness Playground, believes 2020 will permanently…

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