UOWcreative- Project Beta

Jenna Fairweather blog

My Digital Artefact involves working with the UOWcreative team across the social media platforms Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. UOWcreative is an online platform that assists in replicating the University atmosphere. We do this by encouraging students to share with us any creative work they are proud of, and engage with any content we post. In the embedded video, I have included examples of instances students have engaged with our content through all three platforms we have been using.

Cyberculture is defined as “the social conditions brought about by the widespread use of computer networks for communication, entertainment, and business.”. UOW creative engages with cyberculture through the use of the three social media sites being used. Instagram has been successful in getting students to contribute to our content by participating in certain challenges that we begin.Twitter is successful with the use of our hashtag; #UOWcreative, having trended multiple times across…

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