Beta Peer Review And Feedback

Lani's A Blogger Now

When finding blog posts to comment on, I selected Betas that didn’t have any feedback yet. The goal in this was to provide students with feedback as quickly as possible, in case they hadn’t received much this semester. In doing so, I stumbled upon three digital artefacts that resonated with me, and that I really enjoyed looking into.

Comment #1: Chris Comino

Chris’s DA was especially interesting to me as we were both focusing on the same topic for our digital artefact. The difference between them is that while I’m writing blog posts, he’s presenting his in Podcast form on Soundcloud. He said in his presentation video that he has fallen behind schedule and so far had only been able to upload one podcast episode. Because of this, I decided to prioritise how he could improve id DA in my feedback. I also wanted to avoid getting too critical, considering…

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