Get ready for round 2…of feedback

Round 2 of feedback…’Beta’ version

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As seen in my first set of pitch feedback for BCM325 – Future Cultures, I have been able to develop a consistent method of engaging with peers digital artefacts by providing useful feedback for their overall progression and completion.

In regard to the feedback provided to my peers, I supplied varying levels of analysis and evaluation judging on the beta that I was commenting on. I shaped my feedback around the progression of the DA and what I believe they could do to enhance the overall project ranging from feedback loops, presentation platforms or academic research with their final stages.

Gemma McCammon


Gemma is exploring the future of online learning due to the impact of Coronavirus.

Gemma highlighted how she needed to define a future term, she proposed this to be the ‘future’ as a whole. I suggested that she should explore the short-term future due…

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