BCM 325~ BETA Comments

Paris' Perspective

In the second round of digital artefact comments, we were required to give feedback on three of our peers BETA presentations.

My first comment was to Madeleine, (pictured below) whose initial concept was too broad and thus, re-defined her project to be on the future of virtual shopping. My feedback aimed to be helpful by suggesting a relevant news source that was related to the topic of virtual shopping. The source was a blog by a company called “Veer VR” which is a VR video-sharing app. I further incorporated the lecture content from Week 6 titled futurists, because it could be relevant to the topic of virtual reality and the future of technological developments. Therefore, providing extra information on her project.

Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 10.52.57 pm

My second comment was to Leila, (pictured below) who also changed the focus of her DA, from UOW creative to a series called quarantine diaries. Due…

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