Commenting on Peer Project Progress – A Critical Self-reflection

Harrison East

This blog post offers my commentary on peer projects, and the progress that they have presented in various forms.

Sophie Leathers – The Future of Bodyboarding Just Got Beta

Sophie Leathers comment (click to enlarge)

Sophie’s project is really niche and interesting, especially to an outsider like me. While I love the beach, bodyboarding is something that I haven’t found myself looking into before. Sophie intends to look at the future of body boarding as a whole, which I pointed out opens various aspects of research and fields of thinking. Some she’s already looked at have been Weather forecasting, camera technology, coaching clinics and the future of board technology itself.

She discussed the idea of presenting all her work in a final video essay, however I argued that with suich a wide variety of information being packed into a topic, she should stretch out her research and present it in shorter forms of…

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