My precious feedback

Generally unimpressed.

Commenting on my peers beta presentations was incredibly interesting, I was able to see what sort of progress everyone else was making on their DA’s and it helped me think about some aspects I could improve in my own DA.

Peer 1: Julia 

Julia’s DA is an exploration of cyberculture through edits she is posting on Instagram and TikTok.

My Feedback: 

  • The content being posted on TikTok (photos) isn’t suitable for the medium – you must keep McLuhan’s concept of the medium is the message in mind. Try posting either short video edits or videos of yourself editing the photos instead.
  • I provided this source to help Julia understand the way the algorithm on TikTok works to help explain why photos on this platform may not be the best approach.
  • Recommendation to uses non cyberpunk images and make them cyberpunk themed through editing. By using non cyberpunk images and editing…

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