Peer Comments, A Second Coming.


Comment 1 -Harrison East 

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Harrisson has a clearly defined practicality & concept of his DA and a well structured BETA for his project. The next step for Harrison is to gain data in an attempt to understand the general reaction to Discord as a remote learning tool. I suggested the town hall meeting thursday, the 14th of March will be an invaluable resource for his project. this resource will have data from academics, tutors and student’s, some of the core components for discussion of the future of education.

Harrison has a well defined use of his lecture material regarding lectures 5 Future Cultures – Operations Research and Think Tanks’ & Week 8 “Cyberculture: Cyborgs”, so I focused specifically on what he could for his next step. By reccommeding Harison primary (government) and secondary resources, and suggesting possible iterations of his project, such as a 5 year…

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