BCM325 Peer Beta Commentary

Daisy Loomes

As we’ve reached the beta stage of our Digital Artefacts, it’s time for another round of peer comments. At this point, we had all developed our ideas much further, so as I commented I tried to provide Julia, Tijana and Nicholas with tangible resources and practical suggestions to maintain a feedback loop that was relevant to the stage they were at with their projects. I found the topic of all three DA’s I commented on very interesting and I could see how they had taken on board the concepts we have explored since we first presented our pitches.

Julia beta comment

My first comment was on Julia’s Digital Artefact exploring social media trends and how they might develop going into the future. She plans to create a series of videos exploring ephemeral and video content, influencer and celebrity marketing and the adoption of augmented and virtual reality. Julia has already made her video…

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