peer feedback 2: electric boogaloo

Synthetic Boy

Ok so I’ll say this at the top: I picked my peer commentaries at random (maybe not the best plan?). So found myself with a variety of topics that I could engage with at different levels, and in different ways. Much like in the last round of peer commentary, however, I focused on providing feedback to tighten up the overall concept, provide new angles and approaches, but not to contradict their research and point-of-view, which are generally well defined at this point. Let’s dive in.

beta 1 – The Future of Sporting – Luke DiSalvio

So, on that whole “I didn’t know much about some of these topics point”… yeah, I knowing jack about sport. But that’s fine, because I know plenty about video essays (and Tik Tok, a knowledge base I was hoping to not need to dip into and yet here we are :/ ).

Ben has clearly…

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