Beta Commentary

By Jessica McVicar

For my beta commentary assignment for BCM325, we needed to offer feedback to 3 of our peer’s beta posts. By doing so, I was able to assist in the development of their ideas along with gain new ideas for my own DA assignment.

The three reviews I conducted included:

Space Future

Brief Description: Samuel’s DA concept is based around the idea of the future of space and space exploration. He began the iteration of his DA on youtube but decided to start utilising TikTok as well. This decision was based on feedback he received from his pitch video. Samuel found that TikTok worked well with his DA as it fits into the SMART concept.

Screenshot 2020-05-21 17.08.15

Screenshot 2020-05-21 17.08.23

Reflection: For Samuel’s comment I focused on discussing the benefit of integrating mediums to reach a wider audience. With this, I…

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