D.A Beta Peer Feedback

Following the original round of feedback from the D.A pitches, I have found this part of the BCM325 assessment process very helpful. Not only have i really enjoyed being able to see what my peers are doing and be able to help them. But to also myself receive feedback on my project that I never would have thought about originally.

My first comment was for Nicole who was covering how VR and AR are being used/can be used in the fashion industry. It was clear that she had received some feedback on her original video and had used this to her advantage. The video was clearly presented and she spoke with a clear interest on the topic.
My comment mainly just went off the feedback that she had already received as it was great. I agreed with the importance of needing to upload they key concepts that are being covered.
The link I provided was how VR and AR are currently being used within the COVID-19 pandemic in regards to the fashion industry. Thought this might be an interesting topic to touch on since its so current and relevant.

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 11.30.51 am

My second comment was for Emma and her podcast on the topic of sex/women empowerment. I originally commented on her original pitch video, so it was great to see how far the podcast had progressed. Emma made it clear that there were a few hiccups that she encountered along the way, but was able to fix it for her next podcast.
Emma mentioned that her podcast was being listened too and receiving some constructive feedback from its listeners. The feedback I gave her was to perhaps incorporate a transcript for the listeners to be able to follow along with.
The link I shared was how the current pandemic has increased the amount of podcast listeners and how this is great for her medium. Might help her reach a greater audience during this uncertain time.

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 11.53.35 am

My last comment was for Jess, and her D.A idea I found very interesting, the future of storytelling. From her Beta video, it was obvious that she had taken on board any feedback that she had received from her first video, which enabled her to change her idea. I didn’t provide much feedback as it was clear her DA was taking a new direction and she was already working through the previous feedback that she had received. Her topic wasn’t something that I was familiar with, therefore I watched the linked video as a way to understand her topic. I shared it with her to showcase what other people were creating/ exploring in regards to the topic.

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 12.50.27 pm

Again, I really enjoyed the opportunity of being able to provide my peers with feedback in such a positive form. I have found that everyone is so encouraging yet understanding that this pandemic has everyone a little lost.

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