Peer-Review_’BETA-Pitch-Comments’ As1 Pt2 Bp3



Another great DA idea, so I had to share my compliments on her work, as I mentioned in the comment there was no link to direct us to her DA. This had led me without access to her work, making it a lot harder to talk about it, although she did share screen shots in her BETA presentation. 

She also states that she didn’t receive any feed-back on her prior pitch video, I let her know that I’ve experienced the same thing and that she should at least have one comment from her tutor, besides this, I also gave her advice and responded to her idea to increase the audience interactions via promptly posting

 I had given Issac another voice to reassure him that his DA is looking good, I was envious of his idea of using twitch as way to get a feedback loop, Although…

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