Responding to your work – Part Two!

Life of a Uni Student

Again, I have been given the opportunity to peer review some of my fellow students work. The task is to create a Digital Artefact about a concept, and how it will change or influence the future.

Comment 1: Cybernetic Church – Ethan Jack Crawshaw

Ethan’s Digital Artefact, Soul Revival Church Online, is an outlet where followers are still able to practice their faith within the restrains of their own home. They have set up a number of platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Podcasts and Youtube, to allow easy access for followers. Ethan expressed that he would see a decrease in viewership as the live-stream progressed, so I provided links to websites that explain why he is losing viewership, as well as suggest some solutions to this issue. I believe Ethan’s DA is on track, and clearly relates to how society have been forced to progress towards using…

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