BCM325 Beta Peer Commentary

steff harris


Elena’s digital artefact is a UOW Creative internship where she is running the uni’s TikTok account.

Tik Tok is a tricky platform to use, especially since it’s so new and people are still figuring out effective ways to reach their target audience.

I suggested she keep up with using Twitter to find UOW student accounts.

Additionally, I included two articles. One on the background of TikTok and it’s purpose, and the other discussing how users can now send virtual gifts over the app.


Isabella is doing her DA on the future of feminism. She did very well with incorporating her Pitch’s feedback into her project which has shown great iteration.

Rather than just finding an article for my peer review comment, I decided to search for a podcast which discusses ongoing feminism within pop culture. I also came across feminist themes in different Beyonce songs, who is…

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