The Little Fellas Beta Pitch

Benny's Online Hovel

The result of my networking is included in the video @3:06. I removed peoples names and contact details for privacy reasons.

Hey guys thanks for coming to check out my pitch. In the video above I explain what my DA is, some of the challenges I faced, some of the improvements I made off of feedback (more of that below) as well as my public interacts and evidence of engagement and progress I have made. Now below you will find the methodology of the theory behind my project as well as some background research into areas that are the same or similar to it and how I use this information to predict the future. Then I sum it all up with what is next for my project, I hope you enjoy.


My Digital Artifact is based around promotion and more specifically cross-promotion, this concept of promotion is what I…

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You BETA be ready.


After a couple weeks since the project pitch project, it’s quite exciting to announce that by the BETA stage of this project I have managed to upload 2 different videos that will make up my 3-part series called ‘Predictions or Reality’.

This series is a Digital Essay which will focus on the current situation of how social media platforms and organisations are utilizing contemporary tools, and importantly, what the future of social media looks like, and how far we have already predicted and witnessed such trends as digital natives.

Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 2.25.24 pm

BETA Video:

So by this stage, I have now uploaded my ‘Introduction’ video to my whole series, which became a new aspect of this DA in terms of iteration. I decided to take on the feedback of several students as you can view in my BETA and expand my DA audience to any media user or professional and create this introduction…

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The Beta Future of Feminism


Welcome to the BETA Presentation!
I genuinely found myself in a rabbit whole of research when conducting my pitch, and that’s how you know there’s a genuine interest in my chosen DA topic! I also really struggled to fit everything in 4 minutes which at first felt like all the time in the world, but the more I researched the more I had to narrow down what I was doing. Ultimately I couldn’t choose between pop culture opinion leaders and the array of James Cameron films on offer. They both offer insight into how variants of the future could look in different forms. I am excited to see this unfold! I’ve really felt myself commit to this topic and noticed a difference in my efforts between the beta and the original pitch improve 10 fold. I really focused on my feedback to help my project takes its course in…

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Beta Presentation

Bianca's World

As part of the BCM 325 subject, for my digital artefact, I decided to analyse 4 episodes of Black Mirror with the aim of thinking about how this TV series uses made up and speculative technologies to talk about today’s society. My focus is on the representation of the future in Black Mirror, so it could be useful for students in 10 years. I had already analysed 2 of the 4 episodes : Nosedive about the social rating system and Men Against Fire about the MASS implant. I used lectures content and academic references for my analysis. I will also ask for feedback on the Black Mirror subreddit soon.

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The Next 2: The Future of Micro-transactions in Sports Gaming. — Jack Ridoutt

Hey peeps, I addressed all things DA in my beta video down below. As I mentioned, I changed my DA focus from the future of CGI to the future of micro-transactions in sports gaming. The aim of my digital artefact is to identify what fan’s of popular sports games believe the future of micro-transactions is […]

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This BETA be good…

BCM325 Beta

Tamara's Blog

As a result of my pitch feedback, I have evolved my DA to a broader topic. This will be successful as I will be able to approach my research with a short term focus to target my social utility more clearly and create a DA that is both relevant to myself and society.

I will do this by focusing on:

‘How A.I. and robotics is impacting us now and into the far-future, through a variety of case studies

As highlighted in my video, I will uncover this through a focus on the short term future (5-10 years).

The future of my DA will be composed of: 2 blog posts and 1 podcasts

  1. Think Tanks  – focusing on how these think tanks make sense of an uncertain future.
  2. Operations – COVID safe app and the future control over society (Inspiration drawn from Minority Report as well as week 5…

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Paris' Perspective

As addressed in my BETA video my digital artefact is a blog and an Instagram called adopting sustainability. My DA aims to guide individuals to live a more sustainable life to help not only themselves but the environment and our future. (* Disclaimer I am in no way an expert but I aim through this DA to live more sustainable and teach others to do the same).

So far the progress on my Instagram has been positive and a few companies have commented on my posts which helps me to understand that my audience is enjoying my content. However, my blogs have seen far less engagement. This is disappointing as the blogs are more time consuming to produce than content on Instagram. I am trying to encourage my audience to visit my blogs through the use of Instagram stories promoting my blog and Instagram posts about my blog content, this…

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BCM325 Digital Artefact Beta

Lani's A Blogger Now

Thisdigital artefactis for both BCM112 (Emergent Media) and BCM325 (Future Cultures). In an attempt to avoid overcomplicating my DA, I’m now worried that I may have oversimplified it. My biggest issue with my DA is the total lack of user feedback I have received. So I’m not quite sure how to improve upon my digital artefact.

My plan for now is to continue prototyping my blog posts, and attempt to draw more attention towards my DA, and incorporate any feedback I receive.

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Adonis- The Future of Gaming BETA


Welcome to the BETA portion of Adonis!

In all honesty, I think this is the most beneficial digital artefact that I have participated in within all my years studying at University and this is mostly due to how interested I am in gaming, as well as the feedback contribution i’ve had to it.

I am looking forward to the future of Adonis, and I would love any additional feedback or suggestions that you could offer me.


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Vitality Through Veganism – Update

Life of a Uni Student

Vitality Though Veganism is a website that aims to explore the future of the meat industry as well as the repercussions that will occur if the population doesn’t start progressing towards a meat free diet. 

Since my previous blog, I have developed a prototype to give the audience an idea of what my final Digital Artefact will look like. I have also applied the feedback given to me by my fellow students and tutor to best showcase information regarding the future of the meat industry.

Throughout my BETA, I felt as if I took on the roll of a Futurist when applying already gathered information to make an educated guess on what the future will look like. Throughout the reminder of my project, I will continue to explore the multiple futures the world has to offer in relation to our dominant meat eating society.

Here is a video that…

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