BCM325 Live tweeting round 2

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This blog post will provide an evaluation of my 2nd round of Live-tweeting. In the second session of screenings, we have watched Ghost in a Shell, The Matrix (1999), Robot and Frank (2012), Blade Runner 2049 (2017), Ready Player One (2018), BLAH BLAH 

“Your live tweets are interesting and relevant, and your live-tweeting analysis does a good job of considering your effectiveness in connecting with your peers but might go further in thinking about how to connect to audiences outside the subject.” Chris Moore

From the feedback from my first 6 weeks of live-tweeting Moore suggested that I change some things I have been doing, one of the things I focused more on was reaching a broader audience outside of the #BCM325 cohort. I experimented with using different hashtags and tagging people that were relevant to my post. 

For the Matrix, I did a…

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