BCM325~ Live-tweeting reflection p2

Paris' Perspective

Throughout the second half of the semester we have watched;

Minority Report (2002)

Ghost in the Shell (1996)

The Matrix (1999)

Robot and Frank (2012)

Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

Ready Player One (2018)

Alita Battle Angel (2019)

Most of the films (besides Robot and Frank) provided a similar dystopian view of the future, which focuses on advancements in technology and a slowly destroyedplanet. Whilst watching these films we were required to live tweet.

Due to feedback, I aimed to improve the quality of my tweets and my interactions, in comparison to my previous live-tweeting reflection. A major factor that I noticed was that after the first tweeting reflection the #BCM325 twitter feed became flooded with everyone live-tweeting about the films, compared to just a few students in the first weeks. I found this made it harder to gain and give interactions because the feed would refresh…

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