BCM 325 Beta Comment’s

After the submission of the BCM325 digital artefact beta we were tasked to evaluate our peer’s beta video and blog submissions. The task is aimed to share our personal thoughts and ideas on our classmate’s work, as well as giving the opportunity to reflect on our own project progression, gaining ideas and methods to finish up our digital artefacts ready for submission.

The three classmates I provided feedback to were:

  • Karli Connors
  • Tamara Goldsmith
  • Madeleine Jones

Karli Connors

Description: Karli has created a blog site called ‘Vitality Through Veganism’ which aims to explore the future of the meat industry as well as the repercussions that will occur if the population does not start progressing towards a meat free diet. Karli provides blog, news, and video content on her site.


Reflection: After viewing Karli’s beta content I was very impressed, one with how much content she provides on her site…

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