BCM325 Live-tweeting experience pt. 2

Ashlan Rose

Throughout this semester we have been watching and live-tweeting various science fiction, dystopian and cyber-punk movies in order to encourage us to think about the future. In this blog post I’ll be discussing my live-tweeting experience and contributions from weeks 6-12.

Throughout this semester, I have explored genres of films which are so foreign to me, but each week they have grown on me even more. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed each an every one of these films and they have encouraged me to think about our future and potential futuristic ideas on a daily basis.

From weeks 1-5, I decided to post my tweets in a thread each week so they are tidy and easy to find. I have continued to follow this method as I find it very efficient.

Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 2.03.00 pm Ready Player One prepared tweets


I have also continued to research the weekly film prior to the screening and prepare…

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