Future Cultures: Beta Comments and Self-Reflection


Throughout #BCM325, I am continuing to develop my knowlegde of Future Thinking and Future Cultures. It became evident within commenting on Beta posts, that I am able to connect my learning throughout the subject, particularly when commenting on Aysha’s post and linking it to the Week 10 screening of Ready Player One. This was an important learning moment which demonstrates my understanding throughout the subject, and my ability to use and adapt the knowledge accordingly.

The most influential quotes between the Pitch and Beta timeframe are as follows:

  • “The future must be linked to a social responsibility and to ethical values” Elenora Masini 1982
  • “To undertake a project, in which you persuade the world to move towards a more pluralistic future through creative and imaginative analysis and productive action. A futurist must do as well as imagine”Elenora Masini 1982 
  • “The past is not a guide to the…

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