Live Tweeting and My Experience

Generally unimpressed.

Throughout weeks six to twelve we watched a number of films which all had relations to some of the topics which we explored within class – all having central themes of AI, Cyborgs, Cybernetics and Cyberculture. Below I’ll share some of my most prominent tweets and interactions and critically reflect on what I did, and what I could do better.

Engagement with peers

Screen Shot 2020-05-31 at 9.53.56 am

For this tweet I posed a question to my peers asking why cyborgs were made to feel pain when their mechanical limbs were injured with reference to motorball athletes. In my last reflection on live tweeting I noted that including questions in your tweets was a great way to form meaningful discussion. I found that during this round of live tweeting this approach was a bit hit or miss, but this tweet was definitely a hit and I really enjoyed the discussion it created. Moving forward in…

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