Live Tweeting: Multitasking at its finest #2


Throughout the semester, I have improved my skills of live tweeting. It’s hard and I learnt quickly that it was necessary to prepare beforehand. You can see my highlights from the first 5 weeks here. The films we have been streaming are science fiction and have explored many different future concepts in different timeframes.

“Science fiction does not predict the future, rather it represents how a possible future can be imagined by making specific changes to current conditions. ”

– Chris Moore, Wk 2 Lecture 

Tweet Highlights 

In this example, I used a quote from the lecture and found a relevant GIF to help the tweet stand out. Using a quote from the Week 9 lecture, I was able to tag my tutor Chris, who then retweeted the post. I continued to try this tactic over the following weeks, however this post was the most successful. I feel…

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