Live Tweeting Part 2

By Jessica McVicar

After my first live tweeting check-in (blog post), I realised I had particular areas I needed to keep moving forward with, as well as areas where I needed to work on. Some areas I identified as ‘successful’ included my commenting engagement and question-asking. Others, that I needed to work on, included my engagement with subject material and engagement with participants outside of BCM325. 

To continue stimulating conversations I used similar tactics that I had originally during the first half of the semester. Especially questioning, researching, humour and scene analysis. Though, this time I also attempted to link outside sources to my comments in order to offer knowledgeable feedback. 

Secondly, I continued to make it mandatory for myself to research the film before beginning my live-tweeting sessions. This involved generating several tweets beforehand to get a grasp of key themes before the movie began. This would make sure I was making…

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