Self Reflection Commentary

Considering the duration between commenting (14th May) and reflecting upon them (2nd June), it allowed me to look at my comments with a fresh pair of eyes. I wanted to reflect on how I could’ve done better content-wise, as after looking over the marking guide I feel as though my comments were lacking. I’ve added some content that I think could’ve fit with comments in the reflection; 

  1. “The Fashion Forecast” 

Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 3.53.04 pmScreen Shot 2020-06-04 at 3.53.14 pmMy comment focused on different avenues of what the future of fashion and online retail could look like. I wanted to contribute by recommending things I have an interest in. Fast fashion is an area of interest for anyone involved in the fashion industry. 

I actually went back and added another comment as something of interest came to my attention. At this point in time, the BLM movement is in full swing and protests are being held all over the…

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