step up 2: the tweet

Synthetic Boy

Oh what a time to be a user of Twitter dot com!

While listening to the Blank Check Podcast episode on Mad Max: Fury Road, noted Cool Person Emily Yoshida put forward her take that the film is literally just a representation of what it is like to be a Twitter user post 2013–noise, carnage, insanity, and people screaming all the time. After these past few weeks, I’m inclined to agree.

This is to say: I’ve really enjoyed BCM 325 live tweeting sessions as a reprieve from all that noise. Having a constructive Twitter-sphere to go to once a week, where discussion are constructive and polite has been a real saviour for my already tenuous sanity. I know in the tutorial people were advocating for less screenings, which I understand, but I’m firmly in the “this is just right” camp and want that to be known. Also I know…

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