The end of Future Cultures multitasking: Weekly Screenings: Part 2


Week Six: Ghost in the Shell (Oshii, 1995)

                      Ghost in the Shell (1995) Review – Coogs Reviews

Another first for me, as I’ve never enhanced myself in a Japanese animation film. From the beginning to the end of the animation I instantly noticed the repetitional theme and idea of what it means to be truly human. This theme is so strong that it is parallel in every sci-fi film we have currently explored. Undeniably the future is always changing and I think these movies, especially this film teach us that so is the human condition and what we deem to be “more human” each day.

It was surprising to see that a film from 1995 could open up so many discussions into this exact idea from a philosophical context, as ‘Transhumanism’ was the major theme that this film projected. I posed several questions from what makes us fundamentally…

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