The Live Tweets: Part 2

Live Tweets Part 2!



WK6: Ghost in the Shell (1995)

“By positing a world in which people merge with machines, Ghost in the Shell examines what makes us fundamentally human.”

Ghost in the Shell poses many questions surrounding “consciousness” and whether human-machine hybrids can possess consciousness. A topic we’ve discussed as well in the weekly lectures. In one of my tweets above I mention the title of the movie is actually borrowed from a book which raises more questions to this topic of “consciousness”, that is it apart from a biological process. Harrison posted a thought provoking tweet about “the eyes” and “future thinking” films which I found very fascinating. I too added to this conversation sharing a tweet about the main character, Major Kusanagi, she in fact does not blink during the film  making her appear “doll-like.”

It was interesting to see and recognise scenes from The Matrix through Ghost in the…

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