The Twitter End


Writing this blog post is bitter-sweet. It serves as my final work towards my grade (yay!). But, it also means that one of my favourite subjects of all time is drawing to a close. Over the past 12 weeks, I have shared my experiences of various science fiction texts, live via myTwitter profile. I alreadyassessed my progresswith the earlier live-tweets and would like to take this opportunity to reflect on the more recent ones.

In my last post, I identified three key areas that I needed to improve in my live-tweets:

  • Using academic sources
  • Articulating my opinion
  • Engaging with circles outside of the 325 Feed

So, for live tweets 6-12, instead of going into the tweets with no material prepared, I started using a planning scaffold (which involved headings of each marking criteria for the tweets) and making one tweet for every 5 minutes of run…

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