Tweet Tweet!

Another round of live-tweeting has come to an end – I have thoroughly enjoyed the selection of films.  They offered varying perspectives of what the future could look like, from cyberpunk AI filled worlds to providing realistic positive hope for the current climate state. A lot of these films had parallels drawn between them – these become less subtle as the weeks went on. A few things I found myself doing which helped me curate better quality tweets – 

  1. Researching the film and its context the night before – allowed for better multitasking
  2. Engaging in tweets with others – building upon their discussion, taking in their perspective
  3. Watching these movies with an open mind – I feel this was crucial to allow myself to become involved in the world in which the movie was envisioned.
  4. Some of the tweets received attention from outsiders (aka non- bcm), this was interesting…

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