Twitter Interaction Part Two

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During the second half of this semester’s screenings, I’ve once again been live-tweeting along with the #BCM325 hashtag. While I still didn’t manage a great deal of interactions, I tried some new things with my tweets that I didn’t in part one, which I’ll highlight below.

By posting a more comical tweet, highlighting the fact there was a community posting vegan memes surrounding The Matrix, I hoped to garner more peer interactions.

Another new feature I tried during the screening of Blade Runner 2049 was a poll, allowing peers to vote and share their opinions on a question

During this second lot of live-tweeting, I also tried to provoke more discussion by asking or reiterating questions implied by the screening, something I found a mixed success rate with but did manage to receive more replies on than my usual tweets.

My most liked tweet of the second half of semester…

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