BCM 325 Beta – Peer Feedback

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For Isaac’s artefact, he wants to do a livestream while working on his graphic design work, and talk with his audience about topics pertaining to the future. I really liked the idea, and his execution is top notch. I couldn’t really find any fault with his beta that came to mind, except for an issue that he himself raised, that being his inability to have a permanent VOD of his streams accessible. He also proposed a solution, in which he would edit together highlights of his stream and upload them to somewhere like YouTube. All in all, his idea is great, and I couldn’t really provide any meaningful feedback for him that he hadn’t thought of himself.

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BCM325 Beta: Secluded Cinema

Dayle’s artefact is a really cool one: she’s taking screenshots from movies that give off feelings of loneliness, isolation, and emptiness, and posting them to a tumblr and Instagram…

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