Emma Sloane


This semester’s live tweeting has been a really fun experience, and a great way to interact with my peers during the covid-19 isolation. I have found that my skills in multi-taking improved greatly during weeks 6-12 and it has been much easier to pay attention to the films whilst sourcing information on them.

There were three main predictions that I had for my live-tweeting experience in weeks 6-12:

  1. To include pre-research into my class preparation.
  2. To maintain a large majority of my tweets to have a theme surrounding feminism or sex.
  3. To begin “looking at technologies in other ways and begin to explore how other future inventions may potentially hurt or harm people in an sociocultural sense.”

Ironically, it is safe to say that non of these future predictions were correct, and in fact the opposite happened in every case.

coronavirus mean girls

Firstly, my motivation this semester has dropped considerably. I have…

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