Emma Sloane

The Future of Artificial Intelligence


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Taylor’s digital artefact consists of a three-part video essay series in an exploration of the world of artificial intelligence. Specifically, these three video essays discuss; the history of artificial intelligence, the predictions for the future of A.I in the home and how A.I is perceived in popular movies. So far, only part 1 of her video series ‘the history of artificial intelligence’ has been uploaded, which can be found here.

Taylor explained that her video had received 3 views, all of which might have been her and that she was considering turning to Reddit for more feedback. Due to this I shared with her three sub-reddits, one about futurology and two about artificial intelligence where she could post her video essay’s and receive views and feedback. Secondly, I also shared an article and quote from The Guardian regarding future predictions of A.I. I…

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