BCM325: Beta Presentation Comments

Alana Smith

Once again, I was thoroughly impressed with the high quality of work that I saw from my fellow classmates in BCM325.

DA 1: Bianca Lalanne Rousselet – The Representation of the Future in Black Mirror

Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 9.22.28 pm

Bianca’s DA is focusing on the representation of the future in Black Mirror. I found her concept to be really interesting, especially as many of us in BCM325 have watched Black Mirror and are familiar with the concepts it plays with in regards to the future of technology and society. I suggested a few articles for Bianca as I think they would be helpful to her DA and will help her to analyse what potential futures the particular episodes of Black Mirror are predicting. I also mentioned that she could use twitter as a platform to receive more feedback as there is an audience for Black Mirror there.

If I was able to give feedback…

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